Haikon DS-7104NI-SN/P 4 Kanal Plastik Kasa NVR 4 Port PoE

Haikon DS-7104NI-SN/P 4 Kanal Plastik Kasa NVR 4 Port PoE

Marka: Haikon
Ürün Kodu: DS-7104NI-SN/P
Stok Durumu: 3 gün içinde gönderilir

Haikon DS-7104NI-SN/P 4 Kanal Plastik Kasa NVR 4 Port PoE projelerinize özel fiyat avantajı ve kredi kartına taksit imkanıyla kamerapoll.com'da.

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3.Parti Kameralarla Uyumlu 1080p çözünürlükte kayıt

Haikon DS-7104NI-SN/P 4 Kanal Plastik Kasa NVR 4 Port PoE

Key Features

• 3.Parti Kameralarla Uyumlu

• 2 Megapiksel 1080P çözünürlükte kayıt

• HDMI and VGA output at up to 1920×1080P resolution

• HDD quota and group management

• 4 Kanal PoE Desteği ile Kameralar için enerji kablosu gerekmemektedir.



Product Key Features


 Connectable to network cameras, network dome and encoders.

 Connectable to the third-party network cameras like AXIS, Brickcom, Bosch, PANASONIC,SAMSUNG and SANYO, and network cameras that adopt ONVIF or PSIA protocol.

 PAL/NTSC adaptive video inputs.

 Each channel supports dual-stream.

 Up to 16 network cameras can be connected.

 Independent configuration for each channel, including resolution, frame rate, bit rate, image quality,etc.

 The quality of the input and output record is configurable.


Local Monitoring

 Simultaneous HDMI and VGA outputs.

 HDMI output and VGA output at up to 1920×1080 resolution.

 Multiple screen display in live view is supported, and the display sequence of channels is adjustable.

 Live view screen can be switched in group, and manual switch and auto-switch live view are also

provided, and the interval of auto-switch can be adjusted.

 Quick setting menu is provided for live view.

 Motion detection, tamper-proof, video exception alert and video loss alert functions.

 Privacy mask.

 Multiple PTZ protocols supported; PTZ preset, patrol and pattern.

 Zooming in by clicking the mouse and PTZ tracing by dragging mouse.


HDD Management

 Up to 2 SATA hard disk can be connected, with a maximum of 4TB storage capacity.

 Support S.M.A.R.T. and bad sector detection.

 HDD quota management; different capacity can be assigned to different channel.


Recording and Playback

 Holiday recording schedule configuration.

 Continuous and event video recording parameters.

 Multiple recording types: manual, normal, alarm, motion, motion | alarm, motion & alarm.

 8 recording time periods with separated recording types.

 Pre-record and post-record for alarm, motion detection for recording, and pre-record time for schedule and manual recording.

 Searching record files by events (alarm input/motion detection).

 Tag adding for record files, searching and playing back by tags.

 Locking and unlocking record files.

 Searching and playing back record files by channel number, recording type, start time, end time, etc.

 Zooming in when playback.

 Reverse playback of multi-channel.

 Supports pause, play reverse, fast forward, slow forward, skip forward, and skip backward when playback, and locating by dragging the mouse.

 Up to 8-ch synchronous playback at 720P real time.



 Export video data by USB or SATA device.

 Export video clips when playback.

 Management and maintenance of backup devices.


Alarm and Exception

 Configurable arming time of alarm input/output.

 Alarm for video loss, motion detection, tampering, abnormal signal, video input/output standard mismatch, illegal login, network disconnected, IP confliction, abnormal record, HDD error, and HDD full, etc.

 Alarm triggers full screen monitoring, audio alarm, notifying surveillance center, sending email and alarm output.

 Automatic restore when system is abnormal.


Other Local Functions

 Operable by mouse and remote control.

 Three-level user management; admin user is allowed to create many operating accounts and define

their operating permission, which includes the limit to access any channel.

 Operation, alarm, exceptions and log recording and searching.

 Manually triggering and clearing alarms.

 Import and export of device configuration information.


Network Functions

 1 self-adaptive 10M/100M/1000M network interface for DS-7116NI-SN, DS-7116NI-SN/N, DS-7116NI-SN/P, DS-7616NI-SN, DS-7616NI-SN/N and DS-7616NI-SN/P, and 1 self-adaptive

10M/100M network interface for other models.

 Up to 8 independent PoE network interfaces are provided for DS-7600NI-SN/P and

DS-7100NI-SN/P series.

 Up to 8 independent built-in switch network interfaces are provided for DS-7600NI-SN/N and

DS-7100NI-SN/N series.

 IPv6 is supported.

 TCP/IP protocol, PPPoE, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, SADP, SMTP, NFS, and iSCSI are supported.

 TCP, UDP and RTP for unicast.

 Auto/Manual port mapping by UPnPTM.

 Remote reverse playback via RTSP.

 Support accessing by the platform via ONVIF.

 Remote search, playback, download, locking and unlocking of the record files, and support downloading files broken transfer resume.

 Remote parameters setup; remote import/export of device parameters.

 Remote viewing of the device status, system logs and alarm status.

 Remote locking and unlocking of mouse.

 Remote HDD initializing and program upgrading.

 Remote system restart and shutdown.

 Alarm and exception information can be sent to the remote host.

 Remotely start/stop recording.

 Remotely start/stop alarm output.

 Remote PTZ control.

 Two-way audio and voice broadcasting.

 Embedded WEB server.


Development Scalability:

 SDK for Windows and Linux system.

 Source code of application software for demo.

 Development support and training for application system.




Product Specifications 蓝标

All items on sale are described as accurate as possible to the best of our abilities. Please thoroughly check the item’s photos and specifications carefully to know it completely and clearly. Any questions or things uncertain or you really concern, please email us to confirm or consult. We welcome questions and enquiries from customer and we always response and offer our professional feedback within 24 hours. 


                                DS-7104NI-SN/P              DS-7108NI-SN/P              DS-7116NI-SN/P

Video/Audio input         IP video input   4-ch       8-ch       16-ch

Two-way audio input    1-ch, RCA (2.0 Vp-p, 1kΩ)

Network             Incoming bandwidth     25Mbps               50Mbps               100Mbps

Outgoing bandwidth     40Mbps

Remote connection       128

Video/Audio output      HDMI/VGA output         1-ch, resolution:

1920 × 1080P /60Hz, 1280 × 1024 /60Hz, 1280 × 720 /60Hz, 1024 × 768 /60Hz

Audio output    1-ch, RCA (Linear, 1kΩ)

Decoding            Live view / Playback resolution 1080P /UXGA /720P /VGA /4CIF /DCIF /2CIF /CIF /QCIF

Capability            4-ch@720P, 2-ch@1080P             8-ch@4CIF, 4-ch@720P, 2-ch@1080P    8-ch@4CIF, 6-ch@720P, 3-ch@1080P

Hard disk             SATA     1 SATA interfacefor 1 HDD

Capacity              Up to 4TB for each disk

External interface           Network interface          1 RJ-45 10 /100Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet interface  1 RJ-45 10 /100/1000 Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet interface

USB interface    2 × USB 2.0

PoE        Interface             4 independent 10 /100 Mbps PoE Ethernet interfaces  8 independent 10 /100 MbpsPoE Ethernet interfaces

Max. Power       35W       100W   

Supported Standard      AF          AF          AF

Others  Power supply    48V DC

Consumption(without hard disk and PoE)           ≤ 6 W    ≤ 10 W  ≤ 15 W

Working temperature   -10 . C~ +55 . C (+14 . F~ + 131 . F)

Working humidity           10 %~90 %

Chassis 1U chassis

Dimensions        255 × 205 × 45 mm          285 × 210 × 45 mm (11.2 ×8.3 ×1.8 inch )

(W × D × H)        (8.1 × 8.1 × 1.8 inch)

Weight ≤ 1 Kg ( without hard disk)




1. The HIKVISION NVR can only work with HIKVISION IP cameras. Before you buy it, please kindly confirm with us whether the NVR can work with your cameras, since there are different kinds of ONVIF standard. Thank you.


2. At this page, there are detailed specifications of all HIKVISION 71 Series NVRs and the specifications of DS-7104NI-SN/P is in it. So ONLY the DS-7104NI-SN/P is related to this Product in this listing directly on sale.


3. The whole chart above is for complete and better understanding of HIKVISION 71 Series NVRs available so that the customer can choose the proper camera series and version.



Please DO NOT update the camera with any other firmware which is not supplied by the seller.

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